10 Hilarious Sports Photos That Were Taken At Just The Right Moment

When you’re capturing fast-paced action, it can be tricky to get the photo you want. It usually takes lots of attempts and a bit of luck to capture that perfect moment when everything comes together and the photo looks incredible. These sports photographers must have been lucky on the day, because these photos are all perfect captures of just the right moment. From basketball players mid-dribble to a skater leaning into their trick just so, there is something for everyone in this list. From ice hockey players flying through the air to baseball players diving for cover, check out these brilliant examples of photographers catching their subjects at just the right moment…

1. Hay This Awesome

10 Hilarious Sports Photos

A handsome young man appeared in the water, making his way towards his mirror image. Reflecting his image in the water just like Narcissus’s well-known painting, the wakeboarder did not hesitate to come closer to his reflection. It makes for a funny picture, as you can see.

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