10 Foods To Avoid During The Summertime

During the summertime, it is especially important to pay attention to the foods we eat. Eating certain foods can make us more susceptible to heat-related illnesses. Foods like processed and fried foods, sugary drinks, and dairy products should be avoided in summer months.

Processed and fried foods can contribute to dehydration and can increase the risk of heat exhaustion. Sugary drinks can also cause dehydration and can lead to a lack of energy. Dairy products are high in fat, which can make the body feel sluggish and can cause digestive issues, making it harder to regulate body temperature.

Additionally, foods like meats, eggs, and fish can spoil easily in the heat and should be avoided. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding overly-processed, fried, and sugary foods can help keep us healthy during the summer months.

1. Charred Meats, Chicken And Fish

Charred Meats, Chicken And Fish
Charred Meats, Chicken And Fish

Charred meats, chicken and fish are foods that should be avoided during the summertime. Charring causes the production of compounds known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). These compounds are known to increase the risk of certain types of cancers, as well as other health issues such as cardiovascular disease.

Additionally, charred meats contain a high amount of fat and calories, which can lead to weight gain during the summer months. Furthermore, when cooking these types of foods, they release smoke which can cause respiratory irritation. Eating chicken and fish in the summertime can also be detrimental to health.

These foods are often fried in high-fat oils, which can lead to an increased risk of heart disease. Additionally, these foods can contain bacteria that thrive in hot weather and can cause food poisoning. Therefore, it is best to avoid eating charred meats, chicken and fish during the summertime for optimal health.

2. Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs
Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are a popular summertime food, but they should be avoided during the summer months. Hot dogs are processed meats that are high in saturated fat, sodium, nitrates, and other preservatives. These additives can be dangerous when exposed to the hot temperatures of summer, as the nitrates can be converted to carcinogens.

Additionally, hot dogs are often served at barbecues and picnics, and can easily become contaminated when left out in the heat for too long. To prevent food-borne illnesses, it is best to avoid hot dogs during the summer months.

3. Snow Cones

Snow Cones
Snow Cones

Snow cones are a summertime favorite for many; however, they should be avoided during the summer months. Snow cones are made from sugary syrups and flavored ice, both of which can be high in calories and contribute to weight gain if consumed in excess.

Additionally, snow cones are packed with processed sugars that can cause an increase in blood sugar levels, which can be dangerous for those with diabetes. Furthermore, snow cones are often served with added cream, which increases their calorie and fat content and can be detrimental to anyone trying to maintain a healthy diet. For these reasons, it is best to avoid snow cones during the summertime.

4. Frozen Margaritas and Piña Coladas

Frozen Margaritas and Piña Coladas
Frozen Margaritas and Piña Coladas

During the hot days of summer, it’s tempting to enjoy a refreshing frozen margarita or pina colada for a cool treat. However, these drinks are loaded with sugar and can be quite high in calories. Not only that, but alcohol also increases the risk of dehydration and sunburn. Therefore, it is best to avoid these drinks during the summertime in order to stay healthy.

Instead, try a cold, non-alcoholic beverage to cool off with, such as a smoothie or iced tea. These options are low in calories and provide much-needed hydration for the summer months. Enjoying a frozen margarita or pina colada may be tempting, but it’s important to consider the potential health risks.

5. Bottled Cocktails

Bottled Cocktails
Bottled Cocktails

Bottled cocktails are a popular and convenient way to enjoy your favorite drinks when you’re on the go. However, during the summertime, it is best to avoid them. The heat of the summer can cause the pre-mixed drinks to spoil quickly, making them lose their flavor and potency.

Additionally, pre-mixed drinks can contain added sugar and preservatives which can be unhealthy for you and can even lead to dehydration. Furthermore, because bottled cocktails are often stored in plastic containers, they can also be exposed to harmful chemicals that can leach into your drink.

Therefore, it is best to avoid bottled cocktails during the summertime and opt for fresh drinks that are made with natural ingredients.

6. Corn On The Cob

Corn On The Cob
Corn On The Cob

Corn on the cob is a popular summertime food and is often enjoyed at barbecues, picnics and outdoor gatherings. However, it is important to remember that corn on the cob should be avoided during summertime. This is because corn on the cob is highly perishable and is prone to spoilage and contamination in hot weather.

Furthermore, corn on the cob can also attract bugs and insects, which can cause additional contamination. Therefore, it is best to avoid corn on the cob during summertime to ensure food safety and avoid any potential health risks.

7. Whole Watermelon Seeds

Whole Watermelon Seeds
Whole Watermelon Seeds

Whole watermelon seeds are a popular snack for many people during the summer months. However, these seeds can be dangerous if consumed in large quantities. They contain a toxin called citrulline which can cause an upset stomach and diarrhea. The amount of citrulline in watermelon seeds is much higher during the summer months, making them even more dangerous.

It is best to avoid eating the whole watermelon seeds during the summertime to avoid any unpleasant side effects. If you must eat watermelon seeds, make sure to limit the amount you consume, as the higher temperature of the summer months increases the amount of citrulline in the seeds. Additionally, make sure to remove any remaining seeds from the watermelon before eating it as they can still contain citrulline.

8. Conventionally Grown Fruits

Conventionally Grown Fruits
Conventionally Grown Fruits

Fruits that are conventionally grown are at risk for contamination during the summertime. These fruits are grown using chemical fertilizers and pesticides that can, over time, become more concentrated in the soil and surrounding environment, making them more hazardous to consume.

Additionally, these fruits are more likely to be exposed to extreme heat, and may experience a decrease in nutritional value. To reduce risks of contamination, it is best to avoid conventionally grown fruits during the summertime. Additionally, opting for organic and locally grown produce is always a great way to ensure the highest quality of produce.

9. Diet Iced Tea

Diet Iced Tea
Diet Iced Tea

Diet iced tea is a popular summertime beverage, but it may not be the best choice for the season. Diet iced tea is often loaded with artificial sweeteners and preservatives, which can be a source of unnecessary calories and sugar. Additionally, the caffeine in diet iced tea can lead to dehydration, which can be particularly dangerous during the summer months when temperatures are high.

Instead, opt for water-based beverages like plain water, fruit-infused water, or unsweetened iced tea. These options are much healthier than diet iced tea, and can help to keep you hydrated without the extra sugar and calories.

10. Sugar-Free Ice Cream

During summertime, people might be tempted to indulge in a cool and refreshing treat like sugar-free ice cream. However, it is important to be aware that this is not a healthy option, and should be avoided. Sugar-free ice cream is often made with artificial sweeteners, which can cause a variety of digestive issues.

Additionally, many sugar-free ice creams are made with unhealthy ingredients, such as hydrogenated oils, which are known to be damaging to one’s health. Instead of sugar-free ice cream, one should opt for a healthier alternative such as yogurt or frozen fruit. These options provide the same refreshing taste, but with fewer health risks.

Therefore, it is best to avoid sugar-free ice cream during the summertime and instead opt for healthier options.


Summers can be a great time to relax and enjoy the outdoors, but there are certain activities and behaviors that should be avoided during the summertime.

Exposure to extreme heat can cause dehydration, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke, and it is important to take steps to protect oneself from the sun. It is also important to stay hydrated and to avoid strenuous physical activity during the hottest times of the day. In addition, it is important to be mindful of allergens, as the warm and humid climate can cause allergies to flare up.

Finally, it is important to take precautions when going into the water, as strong currents and undertows can be dangerous. By taking these precautions, you can ensure that you can enjoy the summertime safely and responsibly.

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