Top 10 Best Eye Hospitals In India

Eye Hospitals : When it comes to your eye health, you want the very best care available. These top 10 best eye hospitals in India provide top-of-the-line treatment and care services. Institutions committed to patient-centric values, efficiency in care delivery, and precision are proud recipients of numerous awards for service excellence. Furthermore, their doctors are friendly and compassionate professionals who take time out for each patient they see.

1. Dr. R.P. Centre For Ophthalmic Science AIIMS Delhi

Prof Agarwal’s energy and leadership helped transform the institute into a center of excellence for postgraduate education and clinical services, contributing to policy planning for eye health through surveys and assessments while being an active participant in India’s Vision 2020 initiative.

At the Dr R P Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, he not only improved teaching and training policies as well as specialty clinic policies but also upgraded facilities by installing top-of-the-line diagnostic equipment and strengthening paraclinical laboratories. Furthermore, he implemented specialization training workshops for residents as well as supported research activities by setting up specialty clinics and laboratories devoted to subspecialties; moreover, he made over 200 scientific presentations at regional and international conferences.

2. LV Prasad Eye Hospital

As politics, cricket, and films were dominating headlines, an exceptional accomplishment by an Indian eye care institution went unrecognized in our country. LV Prasad Eye Institute from Hyderabad made headlines for being listed 8th globally for Ophthalmology by Scimago agency, making history by becoming the first institute from India ever included on this prestigious list.

This institution boasts an innovative eye care delivery system. Tertiary centers are supplemented by secondary and community eye health centers supported by revenue generated from paying patients, providing equitable eye care access for those unable to afford it.

At EyeBank Network, we focus on comprehensive patient care, clinical research, sight enhancement and rehabilitation, community eye health education, and product development – as well as offering eye banks nationwide.

3. Sankara Nethralaya Chennai

Sankara Nethralaya in Nungambakkam, Chennai, is widely considered to be one of the finest eye hospitals in India, providing free cataract surgery to underprivileged patients at a reasonable cost and offering quality services at affordable rates. Their system and organizational efficiency make for an exceptional patient experience.

SN has taken an innovative approach to community eye care by emphasizing preventative, promotive, curative, and rehabilitative services equally. This includes creative means of reaching out to the masses, such as providing free vision charts to distribute, installing road safety campaigns with petrol bunks as partners, holding eye donation rallies, etc.

The SN model of mobile eye care has made an enormous contribution towards eliminating blindness in India. MESU (Mobile Eye Surgical Unit) is an autonomous medical vehicle that travels directly to remote locations for cataract surgery on-site.

4. Eye 7 Chaudhary Hospitals Delhi

Eye 7 Chaudhary Hospitals Delhi stands out among India’s best eye care hospitals, with advanced treatments provided using state-of-the-art equipment and experienced doctors. For cataract surgery, they employ the WHITE STAR Signature(r) Phacoemulsification Microsystem, which offers the safest, fastest, and most accurate technique available today for treating cataracts. This revolutionary procedure also works well when combined with LASIK or cataract removal treatment procedures.

At Eye Care Centres of Delhi and NCR area, patients can count on reliable services specializing in LASIK and cataract surgery as treating glaucoma and other eye diseases, oculoplasty, and pediatric ophthalmology for treatment as well as offering frames and lenses at competitive prices – they have multiple branches throughout Delhi with positive reviews by prominent people such as Priyanka Gandhi Vadra and Manoj Tiwari among many more.

5. Center For Sight

Sankar Netralaya was established in 1976 and ranks among India’s premier eye hospitals. Based in Chennai with satellite locations across India, its main hospital operates to meet patient needs while offering expert care, research support, and education initiatives; furthermore, its chief surgeon is an internationally acclaimed vitreoretinal specialist.

At AKIO Eye Centers, the eye doctors specialize in numerous areas, from cataract and LASIK surgery to treating glaucoma and retinal transplantation. With state-of-the-art facilities that help patients see clearly and home eye doctors available for those unable to travel to the hospital, AKIO provides superior eye care with its strong reputation backed by Mahindra for delivering top-quality service.

6. Shroff Eye Hospital

Hospitals use cutting-edge technology with humane care to provide exceptional healthcare services. Their surgeons are skilled in advanced surgical techniques for patient safety. Furthermore, they offer various eye surgeries and treatments, including cataracts, retinal diseases, cornea, glaucoma, and squint.

An important feature to look for in a top-rated eye hospital is whether or not it provides investigative services on-site, saving time by eliminating the need to visit separate diagnostic centers for investigations and making your experience much more convenient.

The hospital also provides other services, including laser eye surgery, pediatric ophthalmology, and LASIK treatment. Their physicians possess vast experience treating patients from around the globe while striving to further ophthalmology research.

7. Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital Bengaluru

Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital chain is based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Since 1960, they have provided comprehensive eye care. With years of experience under their belts and their team of eye specialists dedicated to research and innovation – Macro-Phakonit surgery, Glued IOL fitting, and PDEK being among their many innovations – Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital stands apart in providing care with unwavering excellence.

Patients from around the globe visit this facility for world-class eye care, including cataract surgery, laser eye surgery, and glaucoma treatment. Their team of doctors has years of experience treating various conditions.

Additionally, this hospital offers various payment options and has affiliations with multiple health insurance providers. They even provide teleconsultation services.

8. Aravind Eye Hospital Madurai

ARAVIND EYE HOSPITAL MADURAI in Madurai, India, offers Doctors and Clinics services. Medindia gives an exclusive listing for this company that provides full details, such as contact details and photos.

At an Aravind eye hospital in Madurai, southern India, the waiting room is packed with patients awaiting their turn for screenings and exams. A clinical assistant calls out names and leads them to examination rooms – typically screening around 2,000 patients a day and no one ever being turned away.

Madurai Hospital operates seven tertiary care hospitals, six secondary centers, and 75 vision centers spread over Madurai, Pudukkottai, Sivagangai Dindigul Karur Virudunagar districts – accommodating patients from across India as well as Nigeria Srilanka Sultanate Oman Maldives as well as managing over 50 community outreach centers within its jurisdiction.

9. Susrut Eye Foundation & Research Centre Kolkata

Susrut Eye Foundation and Research Centre in Kolkata was founded by Sunil Chandra Bagchi and Ratish Chandra Paul in 1998 and offers comprehensive medical services, NABH accreditation, as well as branches in Salt Lake City, Berhampore Kamalgazi Ruby Metiabruz Salkia.

I would definitely recommend it! The doctors at this facility are highly knowledgeable and friendly. Additionally, their staff members are incredibly polite and helpful – I was pleased that my visit here went so smoothly. Furthermore, their facilities are clean and conveniently located within the hospital complex – I would certainly recommend this hospital!

The clinic’s services include ARMD, Retina Examination, Uveitis, and Surgical Retina Surgery. Open Monday-Sun from 00:00-23:59, and this hospital can be found near Garden Reach Kite Shop, Tamanna Kite Shop, Bahadur Sweets, and State Bank of India Garden Reach Branch.

10. Lilavati Mohanlal Shah Eye Hospital Gujarat

Multi-specialty eye hospital equipped with state-of-the-art technology and boasting an outstanding team of physicians. It specializes in treating cataracts, glaucoma, low vision issues, and corneal diseases, as well as offering additional services like LASIK laser vision correction and contact lens care.

Established in 1987, LVPEI operates through a nationwide network consisting of a Center of Excellence at Hyderabad; three Tertiary Centers at Bhubaneswar, Visakhapatnam, and Vijayawada; 95 Primary Care Centers across India and city centers for city centers nationwide. Their goal is to provide equitable and efficient eye care services for the poorest populations across India.

Sankara Netralaya Hospital in Chennai welcomes patients from India and beyond, boasting world-class doctors and facilities to treat all manner of eye ailments. Equipped with cutting-edge equipment, over one hundred surgeries are conducted daily here, as well as offering services such as teleophthalmology outreach research.